Tornadoes of Light photographed by Martin Kimbell

Tornadoes of Light photographed by Martin Kimbell 4


Martin Kimbell is a freelance photographer based in Nottingham, England, who specializes in light painting and action sports photography and utilizes LEDs and long exposure techniques to create airborne light forms that seem like trails of otherworldy spacecraft.

The photographs are made with hoops lined with LEDs that are hurled into the air. And yes, Martin Kimbell was inspired early on by the work of Arizona-based photographer Stu Jenks who uses light and fire to create similar tornado-like images.

The 25-year-old from Nottingham uses a special technique to create the intricate spirals, which look like they were created on the 1960s toy Spirograph.

What I love about light painting is that it gives me a level of control and creative freedom which is rare in most forms of photography. Through the adding of different light patterns, or by illuminating it differently, I can completely transform the scene,” says Kimbell.

Do note that the longest time it takes Martin Kimbell to finish one of his long exposure photographs is one hour. It can take as little as 30 seconds to create one of his light art creations. “The times can greatly vary. The light patterns themselves do not typically take a great deal of time, but illuminating and exposing the rest of the scene can,” he adds smiling.


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