Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger

Traveling Cars Adventures by Kim Leuenberger 2

Photographer Kim Leuenberger decided to put her little toy cars into dramatic situations (and forced perspective) for her latest project, the “Traveling Cars Adventures”.

Kim Leuenbergera young Swiss photographer (she was born in 1992 in the North West of Switzerland) who is studying at the University of the Arts, London, loves all things vintage and classic. Especially her Beetle and Volkswagen Type I toy cars.  And she loves traveling, and discovering new places. So, her latest project “Traveling Cars Adventure” began almost unintentionally, resulting in a career change. Yes, everything started the day she turned 19, when she received her first DSLR as a birthday gift. 

It has been love at first sight with a little Nikon D3100. Almost 2 years later, I’ve upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark III and learned all I know about photography by myself, by reading magazines or websites. I love being creativeas well as documenting the life around me, making objects tell a story through my pictures. I love all things vintage, because they had a life and they almost want to tell you their stories, which is exactly what I want to transmit with my work.”

The very first picture of the series was that of the VW Type I minivan. She posted it on Instagram, the reaction was great and so she started taking the minivan wherever she’d go with her, just to take pictures of it. Later she bought other miniature models as well, among them that of an old Beetle, again a Volkswagen, as well as a Vespa.

Placing the figurines in any number of weathered terrains, from sand to snow to rainy city streets, Leuenberger makes it seem as though the charming models are exploring the world.


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