A Van in the Sea by Alessandro Puccinelli

A Van in the Sea by Alessandro Puccinelli

In 2011 photographer Alessandro Puccinelli had that feeling of wanderlust, and a crazy idea that turned into a fantastic photographic project, “A Van In The Sea”.

He purchased a classic 1983 Hymer motorhome, which was still in rock-solid condition, and took off to explore Portugal. Then, every night Alessandro Puccinelli would park his Hymer beside the ocean and then hike out into nature to turn back and snap shots of his van standing alone before the ocean. The starry skies and gentle ocean make a perfect background for a nostalgic nomadic life.And each of these photographs are from different nights and in different locations, with Alessandro snapping the shot just prior to going to sleep for the night.

“To some extent the sea is my guide through life; I think of the sea as an example and a source of knowledge”, admits Alessandro Puccinelli smiling. “The presence of the ocean in my everyday life is a balancing factor that helps me reconnect with that internal equilibrium which, as a human being, I too easily, lose.  The sea brings me clarity of thought, its waves, as described by Jack London, are ‘the knights of the infinite sea army, bearing simplicity, elegance, power and freedom”.

Remember: Born July 1969 , his earliest professional experience dates from 1993 when he moved to Australia, where he worked in advertising photography at the Substation Studio in Brisbane.



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