Vanhawks Valour by Ali Zahid

Vanhawks Valour by Ali Zahid 2

Vanhawks Valour is the first ever connected bike, featuring performance tracking, security sensors and interactive feedback to radically change the way you ride. 

Vanhawks Valour is slick, with a carbon-fiber frame, ultra-light. It is in fact the ultimate combination of safety, connectivity, design, and simplicity. It introduces the practical integration of technology into the daily commute. Valour was designed with safety in mind. Unique to the industry, it incorporates integrated technology for advanced personal safety. Its turn-by-turn navigation keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the bar. It uses low energy bluetooth to connect to your smart phone for directions, while LED indicators signal, as you approach your next turn. Integrated haptic feedback in the handlebar grips alert you by vibrating of any object in your blind spot ensuring your safety, so you can ride comfortably. Hard to believe? Yep. But it is for real.

Furthermore, on-board sensors measure your calories burned, distance traveled, speed, best times, and much more. Just sync your mobile device with your bike before or after the ride to track your progress.

Engineered for comfort, the Valour design encourages a more comfortable riding position. Its unique ergonomic design relieves pressure on your back, spine, and buttocks, while providing optimal power transfer and an unmatched comfort level. The shoulders, back of the neck, and hands take a greater share in supporting the load, resulting in a more versatile, active riding style.

Equipped with Ergon for ergonomic saddle, pedals and grips. Unlike traditional carbon fibre monocoque frames, Valour is actually constructed with an internal wall structure.

Using carbon fibre manufacturing technology, each bike is individually molded as a unibody frame. Do note that its internal wall structure is inspired by the same principles that strengthen our bones, allowing it to withstand extreme three-dimensional stress. Unibody molding guarantees complete structural strength and production ease, ensuring a bike that’s as reliable as it is affordable. And, yes: Valour’s strength is matched only by its weight. At a mere ~16lbs, it is light enough to de-stress any tricky commute.

Charge as you ride, Valour has a front wheel dynamo hub that charges all the electronics – it only needs an hour long bike ride to fully charge. And for winter storage, this beauty goes into deep sleep mode.

Fancy one? Oh yes you do. We do too. And this is how you can pledge for one now.

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