Wind Sculptures by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Wind Sculptures by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo 8

Introducing the absolutely fantastic work of artist Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, Wind Sculptures is a photographic experience that present unpredictable sculpture created by the wind that only the instant of a high speed camera can sculpt and keep it for ever.

A photographas a sculpture and recorder of a performance. The entire project was taken around Europe, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Portugal and UK. The artist is also a subject of this theatrical sculpture where human and nature collaborate in a performance with even changing results.

The material used for this wind sculptures is a space weather blanket, a special low-weight and very thin aluminium sheet, gold or silver, developed by NASA in 1964 for the US space program. Is is used for emergency kits as a thermal insulation or as a locator-beacon.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo lives and works in London. He has studied Architecture in the University of La Sapienza in Rome and he is specialized in Architectural 3D Visualization. The blending of modern computer graphics with photography has made possible the realization of his experimentations. For Giuseppe the camera is the arm of a painter, before that of a photographer, ready to give form in his imagination. Giuseppe seeks to disconnect the photographic medium from reality.

The works of Giuseppe have been presented in numerous exhibitions of museums and art galleries in all over the world such as Saatchi Gallery in London, Aperture Foundation in  New York , Museum of Contemporary Art of Acri in Cosenza, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul and in other galleries in Rome, Turin and Munich.



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