Aerial beach photography by Gray Malin

Aerial beach photographs by Gray Malin 10

“Á la Plage, Á la Piscine” is an ongoing project from Gray Malin, which takes the Hollywood photographer high above ground on a helicopter to shoot beaches all over the world from a bird’s eye view.

From Lisbon to Malibu, and South Africa to Australia and Brazil, Gray Malin manages to eventually capture the very essence of summer on his breathtaking shots that give us a completely different and unusual beach side view.

The artist’s idea to take aerial shots has its origin on a balcony of a Las Vegas hotel. Fascinated by the view, he immediately became intrigued by the spectacle the different perspective one can achieved from above. And now, documenting all over the world in Australia, Europe, North- Central- and South America his pictures show summer at its best and also turn real life scenarios into abstract forms and patterns of colorful towels, umbrellas and beach huts.

Do note that all pictures shown below are sold unframed, signed by the artist and are printed on archival luster paper. Available at Maison Gray, the artist’s very own digital house.


Remember: Gray Malin (born 1986), a Dallas native, graduated from Emerson College in Boston in 2007, majoring in photography and marketing. While he has had his work displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art, David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills, and in the Julia Dean Gallery in Venice, he is currently working independently with online curators and art buyers. Merging his two passions, photography and marketing, Gray has taken a small Los Angeles flea market venture and created a successful fine art photography company offering his work across the country in just two short years. Since he started back in January of 2008, he has sold over 2,000 pieces across America, even internationally.

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