Colonna – chaise lounge by Studio 65 for Gufram

Colonna - chaise lounge by Studio 65 for Gufram

Studio 65 has definitely created the most extraordinary outdoor furniture with iconic design. It’s the notorious Colonna collection. 

An iconic column is slashed in three, so that when separated, its individual elements function as seating and tables.
A classic of the Gufram collection, Studio 65‘s “Colonna” (broken down into “Capitello”, “Attica” and “Attica TL”)
is a modular system of ‘archaeological finds’, redeveloped for contemporary use, with a pop attitude.

The polyurethane pillar’s signature piece–clearly indicating its architectural references–is ‘capitello’, or the ‘capital’ of the column, which acts as a chaise lounge and is complete with gestural volutes. ‘attica’, the transversal section, is a cozy seat with a dotted black and white cushion insert. The “base” or “Attica TL” of the slightly tapered design, functions as a table with a bifacial glass surface, opaque on one side and mirror shiny on the other.


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