Eccentric Plates by Daniel van Dijck

Eccentric Plates by Daniel van Dijck

Dutch designer Daniel van Dijck launched a line of tableware called “Eccentric Plates”, consisting of four handcrafted decorative and dinner plate designs – each unique design is made from various materials like ceramic, copper, and brass.

The tableware does not only assist our daily ritual of food consumption, but also, on the basis of different forms and materials, symbolizes the processes that happen in our body while we digest. Some effects are more extreme than others; some plates are more eccentric than others. The series as a whole evokes associations to well-known dining attributes, but can also be surprising due to their eccentric appearance.

The starting point for my designs is an exploration into the history of an object and, the way it has been used over the years. I play with the assumptions people may have when approaching a piece of furniture or an object by using unconventional materials or conventional materials in a renewed way. This method creates designs that are tactile, impressive and aesthetically arresting,” says Daniel van Dijck.


About the designer: Born in s’-Hertogenbosch (1986), Daniel van Dijck is an interior designer and an artist, living and working in The Hague. In 2013 he finished his bachelor degree in interior Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts, and currently he is pursuing the Master Material Utopias, at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.





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