Fleimio Wood Trolley designed by Tero Jakku

Modern Log Holder

Designed by Tero Jakku, the Fleimio Wood Trolley is a new piece of furniture, that enables you to both move your firewood and store it in your home, without sacrificing aesthetics over practicality. 

First presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, the Fleimio Wood Trolley is manufactured in Finland, made entirely of Finnish birch veneer. Designed by Tero Jakku, MA, it is both sturdy and pleasant to look at, which is far more than you could have asked for. Originally intended for carrying dry firewood and storing it indoors (when fully loaded with dry wood, it weights approximately 30 kg), it may be stood upright or on its side.

Thanks to the movable shelf, it is possible to even regulate the load carried in the Wood Trolley. In addition, the shelf may be used to store matches and other necessities. Not bad at all, huh?


Designer: Tero Jakku

Product size:  990 x 394 x 280 mm

Weight:  6 kg

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  • August 2, 2012


    Beautiful piece of a furniture!

  • November 19, 2012

    Urban Gardens

    Love this! Would be great to have a version for outdoors.

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