Hannah Martin for Hendrick’s Gin

Hannah Martin for Hendrick's Gin 4

Hannah Martin has created a handmade blown glass hip flask exclusively for Hendrick’s Gin.trans Hannah Martin for Hendricks Gin

Hendrick’s Gin is admittedly the most unusual gin, true to the vision on Mr David Piper, Hendrick’s Commander of Special Operations.

British accessory designer Hannah Martin has now created a handmade blown glass flask, wrapped in racing green leather with a pewter cap and a stainless steel funnel (each limited edition glass vessel is individually hand-blown and diamond-embossed by artisans in Norfolk, and then encased in green leather). Part of each of the 50 -limited edition- sets, is naturally a classic bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, and a silk and cashmere Walter Slater scarf, all placed within a handmade leather travelling case, actually combining the contemporary with the traditional.

Gentlemen, do note that this beauty is only to be found at Harrods (£795 each).

“We’ve long been fans of Hendrick’s Gin – for years it’s been our gin of choice, so when the chance to work together came up, it felt like an honest partnership.   The colours are inspired by that of Hendrick’s and the back of the hip flask neatly follows the same curve as the Hendrick’s bottle. The flask is made entirely by hand using specialist UK craftsmen – another very important factor for me, and for Hendrick’s.   It was a pleasure working with a company that holds the same craftsmanship values as our own, and believes in creativity and ‘unusual’ thinking as much as we do”, stated the designer Hannah Martin.

And do not forget: before declining in popularity in the late 20th Century, hip flasks such as this one were a fashionable accoutrement of the upper class, who used them to create, carry and share spirituous concoctions when they were out and about.

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