Kayan 3D printed lamp shades for PLUMEN

Kayan 3D printed lamp shades for PLUMEN 4

Plumen partnered with the Italian 3D printed brand Formaliz3d to design a tailored shade to complement the curvy silhouettes of the Plumen bulbs – it’s called “Kayan”. And we absolutely love it.

The Kayan 3D shade was specially developed to fit the smaller Plumen models through customised 3D modelling and printing and is effectively Plumen’s first step into this promising new technology.

The three industrial designers behind the Kayan – Matteo Meraldi, Simone Colombo and Dario Sartori came together at university and, soon after graduating, founded Formaliz3d. Their brand focuses on producing lamps, furnishings and accessories for the fashion industry through 3D Printing and made their first big break through their distinct Rumbles shade range.

Plumen set the ball rolling with this new partnership after seeing Formaliz3d’s Rumbles range online. “We instantly loved what he saw and approached the Milan based brand about a possible partnership“, admit the designers behind Plumen.

The Kayan epitomises the Rumbles range with its simple elegant shape and punctured edges which produce not only a stylish lamp but also a visually stunning lighting effect.

Thumbs up, guys.


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