Madeindreams miniature wooden toy boats for Riva

Madeindreams miniature wooden toy boats for Riva 6

The iconic Italian shipbuilding company Riva presents a collection of small hand-made boats that can easily be assembled, designed by Madeindreams.

Consisting of 5 riva legends (two cult motorboats, ariston and aquarama, two more recent classics, the aquariva and rivarama, and the only wheeled model ever produced, the riva truck) each toy is manufactured and hand finished in italy, without the use of glue – and is therefore completely chemical free.

Do note that the selected woods used for the miniature boats (african mahogany, ash wood and italian maple) are also used by Riva for their life-size motorboats.

You can find the first miniature toy of the series online at archiviostore. The rest of the collection will also be available online for purchase by the end of 2015.


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