MOCAP bamboo wall clock by J.P.Meulendijks for Plankton

This big bamboo wall clock by PLANKTON will catch your eye by changing shape every time you walk around it. When you stand in front of the MOCAP bamboo wall clock, the numbers are clear and visible. When you walk around it, the numbers slowly dissolve, and seem to fall apart in little floating white balls. This optical illusion results in a striking and intriguing piece of wall-art. Inspired by “MOTION CAPTURE” technique used in movies such as” Lord of the rings” + “Avatar”. A game PLANKTON and J.P. Meulendijks love to play.

As for PLANKTON…It is a green and future-conscious design label that focuses on environment, ecologic design and sustainability. Their goal is to provide interior products that are produced with a minimal environmental footprint and maximal life-cycle through durable construction and good timeless design with a little poetry and soul. The small and exclusive collection is produced in the Netherlands and available trough a selected network of dealers. A new design will be presented each year. Some designs are made of “ECOLOTEK ” a new very environment-friendly compostable material developed by -who else- PLANKTON.

Do note the dimensions of the clock, with a diameter of 600 mm., it has a height of 20 mm.. The clock face, finished in matted black, causes the bright white balls to seemingly float in mid-air, while the clock-hands, finished in glossy black,  they are subtle visible against the matted black background. And remember: bamboo is a strong, flexible  and renewable material that grows without the help of fertilizers. The bamboo tree is mature enough to be cut after three years. The trees are processed into the most environmentally sustainable wood on Earth.

This small and exclusive collection is produced in the Netherlands and available trough a selected network of dealers – and a  new design will be presented each year.


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