O1 desk by Ukrainian ODESD2

O1 desk by Ukrainian ODESD2 8

Ukrainian design firm ODESD2 designed Desk O1 – that is the first piece of their new office furniture line. The magic word here is this: compact.

We’ve created this object for us, so it’s perfect united the functions that we needed. It is storage function and the function of hiding the cables inside the desk. The design is very simple and common, but, for example, there are no classical side drawers, and you can store things in the table because of a flip top. Compiling desks in a line can form a working module that can be used for the creation of group work places”, the designers of ODESD2 stated.

Do note that the panels of the desk do lift up to reveal storage and there’s plenty of room to hide those long hated cables that come with computer electronics. Plus, on the pictures you may well notice that they have even paired it with their Chair C4, a fantastic marriage really.



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