Photon Vortex Light by Arnout Meijer

Photon Vortex Light by Arnout Meijer

Photon Vortex is a light object shaped by persistence of vision, designed by Arnout MeijerThe positive afterimage of the human eye materializes the path of a moving light source. When this kinetic object spins fast enough the light appears to be made of static floating circles. Together with the focal glow against the wall the led circles create an intangible composition of different layers of light.

The Rotterdam based designer created the Photon Vortex Light that allows the perception of ones own eye to determine the image of the light. The after image of the spinning object creates a visual of static floating circles. The spinning thing on the clock creates a light streak. It is spinning so fast that the after effects are the circles of light that you see on the wall mount. If you blink frequently, it disturbs the image and you can actually see the object.

“You constitute the object that you look at by looking at it”, says Arnout Meijer.

Specifications: The base of the light is made of nickel plated steel, led, acrylic, electronics and museum glass [800 cm x 110 cm].


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