Prized object collection by Daniel Moyer and WorkOf

Prized object collection by Daniel Moyer and WorkOf 3

Daniel Moyer joined forces with WorkOf to create prizedobject[dot]platform, a modern take on ancient display pieces that were once designed as valuable objects. Sounds very interesting. And it actually is.

Daniel Moyer manages to herewith pay an homage to the essential language of wood with his impeccable furniture collection. And prizedobject[dot]platform is a collection of objects that are already full of value. Each piece stands strongly on its own, but also complements the others around it. it’s obvious: the driving motivation for Daniel Moyer was to create furniture that has value, and becomes instantly a prized object.

There is indeed a divine simplicity to his work that seems to invoke a kind of rugged American nostalgia for the craft of centuries past while remaining incredibly modern.

About the designer: Daniel Moyer is a dream+make design studio/workshop in East Williamsburg/Bushwick Brooklyn that allows ancient technique to marry modern aesthetic with material mash-ups celebrating the abundant colloquial panoply.

All in all, just by looking at his work you can already see the obvious respect and total commitment to craft and quality. Because this is the work of someone who has mastered an art. And fully respects every inch of it.



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