Silence Television by Gianmarco Magnani

Silence Television by Gianmarco Magnani

Silence Television is the work of Peruvian illustrator and designer Gianmarco Magnani. Gianmarco Magnani, hidden behind the label Silence Television, creates these really fantastic prints that manage to combine great illustrations with beautiful typography and design, using technical drawings and juxtaposing them with several drawing techniques. Always in square format, often featuring girls, motorcycles and guitars (from Kaneda’s bike and the BttF2 DeLorean, to girl rockers, guitars, Vespa scooters, and vintage motorcycles) his work feels sexy and fresh (despite his strong retro sensibilities), just like rock ‘n roll should.

And, indeed, he is so charmed and inspired by rock ‘n roll that he has created his own fictitious rock band called Sixty Watts (and he has of course designed everything around it: album artwork, t-shirts, a website and merchandise for them).

Can’t get enough of that furious retro smell and that little bite of color between black and white that reminds one of Katsuhiro Otomo? We strongly feel for you. Silence Television is, after all, not silent at all.


[Digital illustration – Giclée Print on Fine Art Cotton Paper
Each series are composed by 4 prints and the title of each print is the corresponding number]
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