Skinos Mastiha Spirit designed by Minus

Skinos Mastiha Spirit Limited Edition 8

Skinos is currently one the fastest growing spirits in the Greek market and is already succesfully exported in over than 15 markets worlwide. And now it got a “facelift” by designer Stathis Brouzos of Minus.

Inspired by a traditional technique from Pyrgi, a little village on Chios island, home to hundreds of mastiha trees. The symbols on the bottle, like a collage,  stand for the journey that Skinos has been on for the last years, from its birth, to the awards earned, the cocktails enjoyed by the Mediterranean sea. It screams out loud “Greece”, as should. Proudly.

Skinos is made from the tears of the mastiha trees on the beautiful and fragrant Mediterranean island of Chios in the Aegean Sea.

Mastiha -found by Hippocates, first recorded by Herodotus- has always been considered a delicacy and the most cosmopolitan product of the Mediterranean.

Chilled Skinos has been savoured as a superb digestive for centuries but it also makes a delicious, refreshing Mediterranean cocktail (Skinos Mastiha Spirit is from Greece and has an alcohol percentage of 30%, which is around the average for a liqueur. The palate of this liqueur is characterized by Earthy notes). The remarkable flavour of this clear spirit is hard to describe: it smells like a sun-drenched rocky Mediterranean hillside covered in wild herbs, like crushed juniper berries and fresh-torn spearmint leaves, like the hauntingly deep aromas of rain-soaked cedar wood and violet essential oil. It was exactly this distinctive taste and exceptional aroma that earned Skinos the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards in 2011.

And do note this: all limited edition bottles, designed by Stathis Brouzos are now available on duty free stores, as well as liquor stores.


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