Sun Set Wall Clock by Andrea Ponsi and Alessandro Belli

Sun Set Wall Clock by Andrea Ponsi and Alessandro Belli

Designed by by Andrea Ponsi and Alessandro Belli, the Sun Set Wall Clock is not a common clock. It does not keep track of time in the common way, but helps you to not miss a sunset or sunrise ever again…

Almost unrecognizable as a clock, the limited edition Sun Set Wall Clock is unlike any other timepiece out there in both aesthetics and functionality. This masterpiece, designed by Andrea Ponsi (with the help of Alessandro Belli) like a sundial, does not need a socket but can indicate, at any moment of the day, the exact time, the sun’s position in the sky at that precise instant, the times of sunrise and sunset, and the length of the day and the night. As opposed to traditional clocks whose information is based on a conventional image, Sun Set reflects a natural phenomenon of the cosmic order. By bringing the image of the sky into a room, Sun Set becomes a mediator between inside and outside, between the intimacy of personal space and the vastness of nature.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.

Careful though: this masterpiece, manufactured in Italy (note that all parts, except for the motor, are custom made), will only come in a limited edition of 99 pieces, all signed by Andrea Ponsi.


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