The Stooler designed by Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla's stooler

This stooler, designed by Andreu Carulla for Utoopic, allows you to reuse and recycle almost any object and turn it into a comfy stool.trans The Stooler designed by Andreu Carulla
Andreu Carulla’s stooler actually consists of four wooden legs with some ratchet buckles that are adjustable to any object or shape.
This way practically everyone can have a stool in no time, made of old newspapers, clothes, stuffed animals, you name it.

Carulla’s studio is located amidst a natural spot, just a short walk from an idyllic lake and an hour from Barcelona, granting a special ambiance to the creativity process, providing truly Mediterranean-style design.

Despite the study’s short life, the array and variety of projects is remarkable : home furniture, jewelry, household goods, food design, technological and industrial products or graphic design.

The range of products from ªC has a notorious aesthetic charge, looking for an emotional link with the consumer, with functionality and sustainability as a goal.



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