Tool Chess Set by the House of Staunton

Tool Chess Set by the House of Staunton 2

Large, beautiful, handmade pieces with a nice heavy feel and excellent playability. Introducing the Tool Chess set by the House of Staunton.

Headquartered in the United States, the House of Staunton manufacturers the world’s finest Chess equipment, no wonder they are the official sponsor and the exclusive equipment provider of the United States Chess Championship. And this Tool Chess set is uniquely beautiful, with its handcrafted games pieces made out of nuts and bolts (after assembly they are powder-coated). Yeah, you might be surprised to see how you can build high quality, unique, tool-themed pieces out of everyday nuts and bolts.

Handmade, and finished with a a really cool, steampunk look, the Tool Chess was invented 10 years ago around the time the family business -a machine tool business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Gallmeyer and Livingston- was closing down. A couple shop workers replaced a lost chess piece with some hardware pieces – which is how they thought up the name “Tool Chess.”

Well, sit tight, because the Tool Chess set is back, like a phoenix made out of nuts and bolts rising from the ashes.



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