Trestle Table by Omri Revesz and Damian Tatangelo

Trestle Table by Omri Revesz and Damian Tatangelo

The Trestle Table collection, designed by Omri Revesz and Damian Tatangelo is actually a family of tables in solid oak and metal top options.

Based on a simple mechanism (which represents the symbiosis of trestle and top), the collection is constructed from two wooden frames locked in place via pivoting pin, and a rigid top featuring a bend on edges, cradles the frame, holding it in place under tension. The Trestle Table Collection is manufactured by Mingardo.

The initial idea for the Trestle collection was to create objects/furniture that exist in the present, therefore alive. Rather than fixed parts and joints, we wanted the object to be born only from the relation between its parts. As long as this symbiosis exist the object exists. During the process, we aimed to achieve a straightforward design that would fit contemporary conditions; sustainable in terms of production and maximum flexibility in terms of use and end user”, say the designers.

Do note that this collection includes two sizes of wooden structures and three sizes of metal tops, which actually makes a total of three typologies of tables. There is a side board (console), a coffee table and a side table.

Yes, the console and coffee table tops both utilise the large frame structure (96 cm long), with top width defining the height, while the side table uses a smaller frame structure (48 cm long), half size of the first.

Don’t forget, if interested in these masterpieces: the Trestle Table Collection will debut at the Triennale di Milano (starting September 16, 2014).



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