Typographic miniature golf course by Ollie Willis

Typographic miniature golf course by Ollie Willis 7

London based graphic designer Ollie Willis has created an amazing typographic miniature golf course. Ollie Willis is not a golfer, as everyone would easily suspect. But he does design typefaces and through his love for typography, he found a strange analogy between golfing and graphic design. See, to him, they both require patience and extreme precision, and are often considered (by their respective professionals, naturally) to incite a range of emotion (as strange as it might sound). Meaning frustration, at first, but ultimately fulfillment.

Βright green astroturf is fitted into a contoured wooden frame and the course follows the curve around the lowercase, sans-serif  letter “G”, the first letter we see in Willis’s series. Of course, the starting point for the putt is located at the ear of the letter form, and the 4-inch round hole is fitted in the character’s bowl. As Ollie Willis admits, the playable course had to combine the rules of typographic design around the specific architecture behind a golf course, 45º and 90º angles allow the golf ball to pass easily around the space.

And now? Currently, the brilliant graphic designer is working towards building an entire alphabetic course, so that golf lovers can interact with the structures, assembling letters from the 26 holes into words, names, and -in the love of God- sentences.


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