Voxativ Ampeggio Due Art Edition speakers

The Ampeggio Due Art Edition

Voxativ’s latest offering, Ampeggio Due Art Edition loudspeakers, are a new marvel in the acoustic segment. And yes, the Ampeggio Due is the bigger brother of the Ampeggio, likewise finished in immaculate real piano finish.  For the first time art and music merge into one overall experience.

They employ a redefined magnetization based dynamics in its acoustic design to deliver sound output unheard before. The latest high-end product from the house is an outcome of collaboration between Voxativ and Berlin’s famous artist Gabriele Schlesselmann. They are a mandatory requirement for a well decorated living room, created with gold leaf on oil and acrylic. The whole composition is extremely reduced, almost radical in its emptiness and light but full of stories. It’s open end, as a new part is added every year.These 47 inch full range speakers have wonderful characteristics that offer an unmatched sound quality. The amplitude frequency characteristics extend up to 25 Hz. The 100 kg speakers run very smoothly and offer a soothing touch to the ears of the listener. The inner design is ultimate with a powerful amplifier helping in further amplification of the sound produced. Due to a versatile acoustic design and depth of 19 cms it becomes very easy to place them on the floor with the help of a matching stand.

But the best part of these speakers is that they have been manufactured from a special kind of wood called Tonewood that offers increased aesthetic touch and optimization of body resonance.

If  Stereophile awarded the Voxativ Ampeggio with their coveted Product Of The Year 2011 badge for going beyond sounding good and immersing them in glorious musicality, the Voxativ Ampeggio Due enhances that musicality further with the higher technology it offers over its smaller siblings.

This first work of the series: “4-Dimensional Communication” can now be seen and audienced in Berlin. Please contact us for other motives or maybe the painting of your choice on the Ampeggio Due.


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