Wood casting by Hilla Shamia

Wood casting by Hilla Shamia 9

Israeli product designer Hilla Shamia has developed an incredible way to mend cast aluminium and wood into desks and stools. Using irregularly shaped wood pieces to give that natural form and aluminum to flow into the grooves and crevices of the wood, she melds the two together in true harmony.

The negative factor of burnt wood is transformed into aesthetic and emotional value by preservation of the natural form of the tree trunk, within explicit boundaries. The general, squared form intensifies the artificial feeling, and at the same time keeps the memory of the material“, says HIlla Shamia.

To create these unprecedented pieces, Shamia poured molten aluminum onto logs of raw cypress and eucalyptus that have been cut lengthwise. The burning of the molten aluminum on the surface of the raw wooden log creates a beautiful black layer of carbon that creates a boundary between the cold silvery color of the aluminum and the wood’s beautiful natural colors and forms. Because the aluminum is molten, it runs into every crack and crevice of the wood, creating a strong bond and a striking appearance.




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